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Cam gear cover set for all 16v Porsche 944 / 968 cars.


These parts were originally produced by Porsche in a magnesium alloy which decays over time. Since these parts hold both the distributor cap as well as the hall effect sensor, any misalignment due to corrosion will cause the car to not run correctly. 


Our newly produced cam gear covers for the Porsche 944 are precision die cast from aircraft grade aluminum using a high pressure molding process to ensure they will be kept to the tightest tolerances. Though this material is a few grams heavier than the magnesium alloy used by Porsche, you do not have to worry about distortion over time. Your new covers come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect!


Set Includes:

  • Front cam housing cover
  • Rear cam housing cover 
  • Yellow Zinc fasteners
  • Rubber inspection hole plug

This Fits:

  • Porsche 944S
  • Porsche 944S2
  • Porsche 968
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