7" Ecode H4 Headlight - Hella

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We are no longer carrying these housings but we still recommend their use along side the headlight relay harness or even on their own for the best lighting. You can find these housings available on Amazon at the link below. 




Hella's E-code headlights are designed to the stringent European tolerances on vehicle lighting. Unlike US DOT headlamps, the E-codes focused the majority of the light out in front of the car with a razor sharp cut off that doesn't blind oncoming traffic. By eliminating the dispersed light created by DOT lenses and focusing that on the road ahead, these lenses can achieve up to a 400% increase in useable light while using the same wattage bulbs.


Our 7" Round Hella E-code lenses come complete with weather resistant boots and 60/55 watt bulbs. They are a drop in replacement for all Porsche 944 cars.



This item fits:

Porsche 944, 944 Turbo, 944S, 944S2, 924S


Price is per light

These are not DOT approved headlights so please check with your local regulations before purchasing.

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