944 Ball Joint Kit - Solid Bushing

Porsche 944 ball joint kit
Porsche 944 ball joint kit - inside box
Porsche 944 ball joint kit - outside box
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Rennbay is proud to offer the perfect solution to the problem of replacing the ball joints on late model Porsche 944 cars with aluminum control arms. In the past if a ball joint was to wear out on one of these arms, the entire arm would have to be replaced. Not any more. 


With our kit you can easily replace the aluminum control arm ball joints with units that are better than what the car was delivered with. No special tools required and no machine work is necessary. 


The Rennbay ball joint kit incorporates solid aluminum bronze internal bushings, forged chromolly ball pins and new lower plates with grease fittings. One kit will replace the ball joints on both control arms. 


This kit fits:

Porsche 944 models with Aluminum front control arms

(944 from 1985.5, 944 Turbo, 944S, 944S2)


Video Installation Instructions:




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