Wilwood Brake Pads - Class E - RACE PADS





Class E pads are the most popular track pad. They are perfect for DE and sprint type racing use. They operate at a lower temperature than the Class A compound but have a level friction coefficient from cold. 
These are Race Pads and they are Extremely Noisy. Not for Street Use!
PolyMatrix "E" has the highest temperature range within the medium temperature group pads. Its medium to high torque curve makes "E" an excellent choice for weekly racing on all type of dirt tracks and lighter duty pavement categories. "E" compound exhibits a gradually progressive torque curve through the low temperature range and then stays virtually flat throughout the remainder of its temperature band. This flat torque curve yields immediate, predictable pedal response and superior modulation characteristics throughout its entire temperature range.
PolyMatrix "E" is a superb material on all cast iron and high strength steel rotors. It has excellent response and fade resistance right out of the box and will improve after one moderate bedding cycle. With its short break-in requirement, it is easily bedded simultaneously with new, unseasoned cast iron rotors. Once bedded, it provides a consistently smooth transfer layer and eliminates any engagement pulsing or chatter that can result from uneven material build up on the rotor faces. A smooth transfer layer also provides quick, predictable release for maximum consistency. The uniform thermal transfer characteristics of all PolyMatrix compounds will minimize hot spotting and heat checking. Rotor life is ultimately extended over other hard or abrasive brake pad compounds.
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