911 Odometer Gears

20x30 - 911 Mph Gear (some Km/h models)
20x21 - 911 Km/h Gear (most Km/h models)
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Odometer failure is a common occurrence with the VDO gages that Porsche used. The problem is that the single drive gear that turns the dials breaks down and falls apart. We now offer replacement gears made out of a stronger material that will repair your gage and get your odometer working again. 


Signs of a failed odometer gear:

  • Speedometer works but odometer does not turn
  • Odometer skips or works intermittently
  • When reset button is pushed, odometer stops turning


Porsche 911 applications:


1974 - 1989 Mph Gages - 20x30 tooth gear 

1974 - 1989 Km/h Gages - Most use the 20x21 tooth gear but some still used the 20x30 tooth gear. You must count the teeth on your old gear to be sure. It will be one of these two gears. 

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