Porsche 944 Oil Filter




Quality Mahle Oil Filters for the Porsche 944


It is extremely important to get the correct oil filter for the Porsche 944. Not just every filter that will screw in place works the same. The problem with most oil filters which are locally available is that they do not have an integrated check valve system. Because the Porsche 944 has it's oil filter mounted upright, a filter without this check valve will allow the filter to empty every time the car is shut off. 

The big problem here is that when you start your car, the oil pump has to first fill the filter housing again before it can start supplying your engine bearings with any oil at all. This leads to excessive stress on engine bearings that are already prone to failure under correct operation. 

The good news is that Mahle OEM filters do have this check valve and are priced competitively with the "not so good" filters found at your local store. 


These filters fit all Porsche 944 and Porsche 968 cars




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